What they looking at?




When I saw you for the first time I slept with you.

When you saw me the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th , 6th, 7th time etc…… I more than cared for you.

You decided to leave when I decided to come back.

You never promised me anything.  You never TOLD me anything.

I asked. You answered “I can’t promise you anything”

Back and forth we went.

Last on your list I will stay.  Never moving upward.  “We’re friends.”

You.  Top of my list with hearts and stars all around your name.

You asked me to come with you, I said yes, and then you never spoke about it.  I never brought it up, because I knew it wasn’t true.

Lots of things I knew.  But I still stayed, regardless of your departure.

Then it was real…legit…you gave me the date.  I hated you in the moment for leaving me.

Then you said “We’re just friends.”

My heart is in your backpack. FYI.