When I saw you for the first time I slept with you.

When you saw me the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th , 6th, 7th time etc…… I more than cared for you.

You decided to leave when I decided to come back.

You never promised me anything.  You never TOLD me anything.

I asked. You answered “I can’t promise you anything”

Back and forth we went.

Last on your list I will stay.  Never moving upward.  “We’re friends.”

You.  Top of my list with hearts and stars all around your name.

You asked me to come with you, I said yes, and then you never spoke about it.  I never brought it up, because I knew it wasn’t true.

Lots of things I knew.  But I still stayed, regardless of your departure.

Then it was real…legit…you gave me the date.  I hated you in the moment for leaving me.

Then you said “We’re just friends.”

My heart is in your backpack. FYI.

No Refills Allowed

I opened my heart, slowly.

You made it fill up, sometimes you made it run low, there were days were it overflowed.

Slowly you made it run empty….Now, I’m running on fumes.

But I think you already knew, selfishly, the process.

My eyes…are spilling.

My heart is now closed.

Take Care (G).